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Measurement and Modeling Services

"You can't manage what you don't measure" is an old saying that remains true today.  A lot of important things today are out of sight and take special methods to measure - like electricity, or greenhouse gases, or the water level in a well.  Then, we often turn to mathematical models to understand what our measurements mean to us, and how we should use them to our advantage.


Well Level Testing

Some rural homeowners suddenly find their wells have run dry with the ongoing drought.   A test of the water level in your well can help predict if this might happen to you.

Modeling for Sustainability

What can we do to slow climate change?  By connecting our activities with the greenhouse gas emissions they cause, we can begin to make better choices.

Energy Optimization

Energy costs are often the largest part of O&M expense in water supply and treatment.  Improvements in equipment and operations can reduce these costs significantly. 

Our Services
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