Water Systems Automation and Optimization Consulting

Water is life.  Keeping water safe, accessible, and affordable is vital to our health and well-being. Automation - instruments and control systems - are essential to treat and deliver water economically and protect the environment. Optimization reduces energy cost and often improves operations. Edward C. Myers, Consultant (ECMC), offers engineering services to help water and wastewater clients maintain the flow.


Process Automation

Water is a 24/7 business that must be safe and reliable at all times. Our automation design services draw on years of success in water systems process automation.

Process Integration

Several sub-processes, from different vendors, may be used in a process train to meet water quality goals.  Getting all of them to operate harmoniously means more reliable and economical operation.

Energy Optimization

Energy costs are often the largest part of O&M expense in water supply and treatment.  Improvements in equipment and operations can reduce these costs significantly. 


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