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Clients Served

Water/Wastewater Engineering Firms

Given the breadth of technical expertise needed to design state of the art water and wastewater facilities, it may be challenging to maintain full time staff to cover automation design.  ECMC can provide missing expertise as needed on a project basis.

Automation System Integrators

Water and wastewater controls often require understanding the hydraulics of moving water, and the chemistry of treating it, particularly for design-build projects.  ECMC offers process expertise to assist in implementation of control systems, or troubleshooting installations that are under-performing

Energy Efficiency Program Firms

While process energy efficiency opportunities can be found in water and wastewater facilities, there are many steps to get to implementation.  ECMC offers expertise based on many successful energy efficiency capital implementations.

Municipal Water/Wastewater Agencies

Improving the control and monitoring of water and wastewater treatment and pumping systems often requires the application of engineering principles.  As an example, pump stations with multiple pumps, or variable speed controls, should be hydraulically modeled prior to modifying control strategies.  The results of the modeling are translated into a process control narrative that can be programmed as control logic. In this way, energy costs can be kept to a minimum, and the pumps will operate within the most favorable hydraulic conditions.

Water/Wastewater Package Vendors

Package treatment control systems often must be modified to meet each customer's needs.  For instance, a customer may request that a package system's controls also operate pumps that move water to and from the treatment system.  Another possibility is the controls may have to be integrated into a sitewide monitoring system.  ECMC can provide assistance and coordination of these efforts. 

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